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REDUCED! $1500 by uncledutch in Chatan - Minato, Feb 09
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Blo Karts in Okinawa
Blo Karts in Okinawa
Blo Karts in Okinawa

For sale are two top of the line Blo Kart Pros, they feature a fully Stainless Steel Frame, perfect for the Okinawan environment. Each Kart comes with a set of 3 sails, small, medium, and large. You can choose the right sail for the wind conditions. They set up in a minute and are so much incredible fun. Having 2 means you'll have someone to race. For the lucky couple to buy both we will throw in some incredible optional accessories, like a side car, and a device to make both karts into one larger kart, really a blast.

Here is a link and some info:

Blo Kart land sailing - serious toys!

Fast Set Up
The blokart only takes 5 minutes to set up and doesn't require any tools to assemble.

For All The Family
Because the blokart is hand steered, it can be driven by almost any sized child or adult, with no adjustment necessary you don't need to reach the pedals!!

Limited Mobility
The hand steering is also an advantage if you have limited mobility from the waist down, the blokart will give you a freedom to move at great speeds and racing on equal terms.

Fully Portable
The blokart fits into a bag that measures only 1.2x.7x.2m, weighs just 25 kilos and can fit in the back of most cars. A clever design feature allows you to fix the wheels outside of the packed bag so you can pull it along ideal for taking longer distances, or for taking through airports. Faaaast!

Whilst the blokart can roll along gently in a low breeze, higher winds have enabled speeds of up to 90kph!

Use Almost Anywhere
All you need to use your blokart is a breeze and a firm surface the beach, a car park or recreation field.

Quality Manufacture
Three years of development have resulted in a well thought out design, and the use of the best quality materials for the job.

Price: $2500.00 for the zinc shielded chassis with the 3.0 sq. meter sail. Add $200.00 for the 4.0 sq. meter sail.
Stainless steel model is $3092.00 for the polished stainless steel chassis with the 3.0 sq. meter sail. Add $200.00 for the 4.0 sq. meter sail.

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