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Katana in Shirasaya 70.4 Cm

$850.00 by Hamaki in Nakagami District, Nov 07
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Katana in Shirasaya 70.4 Cm in Okinawa
Katana in Shirasaya 70.4 Cm in Okinawa
Katana in Shirasaya 70.4 Cm in Okinawa
Katana in Shirasaya 70.4 Cm in Okinawa
Katana in Shirasaya 70.4 Cm in Okinawa

This katana is in good polish and is 70.4 cm in length with a horimono carving of a Ken sword and abstract Ryu Dragon and ceremonial Buddhist symbol at the base of the blade above the habaki's sword collar area. It is not signed by its maker also known as "Mumei" , meaning unsigned. Nonetheless it is an excellent example of a katana with superbly done carvings known as 'Horimono'. The reverse side has the "Gombashi" or ceremonial depiction of the pair of long chopsticks used in religious ceremonies. The blade is very straight with little to no curvature or sori and is quite stout and hefty, but it is also well balanced. The hamon or tempering pattern is a strong "suguha" or straight tempering pattern. The shirasaya or sleeping scabbard is darker in color due to its age most likely over 50-60 years old which is a good thing as the white magnolia wood that it is made from has the unique property of not retaining moisture, and it also gets better with age as it gets seasoned. The shirasaya helps with the preservation of the blade. If you are interested in viewing or acquiring this blade please contact me. This katana is from the Bakamatsu Era. The Bakumatsu refers to the final years of the Edo period when the Tokugawa Shogunate ended between 1853 and 1867 as Japan ended its isolationist foreign policy.)
If you are new to Nihonto, traditionally made Japanese blades, I am happy to explain the care and maintenance for this katana sword. I can also provide you a free "starter and maintenance kit". This sword can be delivered to Kadena, Foster, and Courtney Base or other areas upon request. A great memory and piece of history to own. Please contact me if you are interested. Cheers, Hamaki

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