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$14000 by aya in Okinawa, Dec 02
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Thank you for watching.

The picture in the sample is an AT car.If there is no problem with MT cars, we can give you a little discount.※Quotation required
Please feel free to contact me.

We will start make of this food truck after you apply.
Please apply in plenty of time.
We are exhibiting the real thing in Yonabaru Town, Okinawa Prefecture, so I recommend you to apply after you see it.(^^)
*The kitchen car in the picture is a sample, so a little luggage is placed.
*The kitchen car shown in the sample was recently licensed at the Southern Health Center in Okinawa Prefecture.
※The model year and mileage of the car are the information of the sample car.The price varies slightly depending on whether the condition is better or worse than this one.
We will make it as similar as possible.

Production period: 1 month
(As of October 10th: We have received applications for several units, so it will take more than a month for those who apply to receive them.Consultation Required)
Place of production: Hyogo prefecture
Amount: ¥1580,000

■ Manufacturer Daihatsu
■ Model name Hyset
■ AT automatic transmission
■ 660cc exhaust capacity
■ Back parking with back monitor is also safe.
■ Number of doors 2
■ Ventilation fan
■ 2 outlets of 100v electrical outlets
■ Water supply and drainage available
Water supply is 4 20-liter tanks (80 liters)
Four 23-liter tanks below.
It comes with a specification😀 
■ 1 sink for hand washing, 2 sinks for distribution
■ Non-contact faucet
■ Food and beverage business permission can be obtained (actually obtained the other day)
■ With 2 years of vehicle inspection
■ Vehicle registration fee, transportation fee from outside the prefecture, vehicle inspection included
■ Color change possible! (No additional cost for one color)
■ New (The car is a used car, the kitchen car part is new)
■Free delivery to Okinawa main island!!Delivery to the designated place.
■ You can also consult about the place of business.
■Those who find it difficult to buy all at once →You can buy a loan

business example
Cafe, takoyaki shop, crepe shop, shaved ice, fruit stand, taiyaki, oden, karaage, hamburger shop, etc.

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